Delicacies in Hua Hin

The food in Hua Hin is generally amazing – the abundance of fresh fruits, vegetables and seafood ensure that. Seafood is not the only option however – there are plenty of different restaurants.

Hua Hin best Spas

Hua Hin is more than just a popular Thai beach resort, it is one of the top spa destinations in Thailand. You can find spas that offer inexpensive and wonderful treatments and also very exclusive, expensive spas. A range of international and also traditional Thai treatments are available. What all these spas have in common is that you leave feeling rejuvenated.

Bar Hopping in Hua Hin

Although Hua Hin is known as Thailand’s most popular beach resort, it is not just all about the beach. There is a fabulous nightlife as well. Bar hopping is easy – the hard part is deciding which trendy bar to visit.

The Best Bakeries in Hua Hin

Visitors to Hua Hin in Thailand don’t have to worry about missing out on European-style pastries or fresh breads and cakes. There are fantastic bakeries dotted all over Hua Hin and they sell just about anything you can think of.

Payments and Risks Concerning Pre-constructed Properties in Thailand

Whenever a person wishes to buy a standing condo unit, he ought to follow a certain process. The payment, which is in the form of a cashier’s check, is handed to the land office at the time of the buyer’s transfer to the place. He needs to pay a small amount after he signs the purchase agreement. But with off-plan property, this is not the case. The buyer has to pay some percentage of the total price to the real estate developer before groundbreaking, or before the condominium unit is constructed. And since the Thai government does not necessitate the creation of an escrow account to secure the buyers, this poses a huge risk for individuals who pay the developers directly.

Khao Tao: A Village Untouched by Time

In a world driven by technology, it is hard to imagine that a place that has not been completely changed by development still exists.  But there is, and Thailand has it.  Located 20 kilometers south of Hua Hin is a village known as Khao Tao.

Hua Hin: A Great Haven for Retirees

Only a few cities in the world can brag the title “ideal retirement haven.” One of them is Hua Hin, a region in the northern part of Thailand. When it comes to standard of living, other places around the world would pale in comparison to Hua Hin, as the place offers absolute comfort even to retirees who are living on a limited monthly budget.

Hua Hin: Live Like Royalty for Less

Thailand’s Hua Hin city is not the cheapest option for those who want to live overseas. Despite such fact, it is a great choice for Westerners, according to Wendy Justice of the Belize Circle. The costs are similar to what you have to pay for in Bangkok, the Thai capital located three hours away. This is where the similarities end for the two cities.

2013: A Good Year for Hua Hin

The year 2013 is foreseen to be a good year for Hua Hin, with regard to condominium projects and sales. A number of Thai real estate developers, whether listed and unlisted, have committed to a number of property projects in the royal beach city. 2013 is forecast to be as strong as 2012, if not stronger. Last year, the city played host to the development of 19 projects. These innovative projects currently total to a whopping figure of 6,360 condo units.