Hua Hin is not a big city by any stroke of the imagination but it has a healthy population of about 80 000 people. It is constantly growing though, as its popularity increases.

Despite the size, it is simple to get around. A lot of the places of interest are concentrated around the centre of town and are easily accessible on foot.

For those areas too far to walk to, there is plenty of transport available. You can take a motorcycle taxi but just keep in mind that you are unlikely to be offered a helmet. An alternative is the Tuk Tuk – open-sided taxis that have either three of four wheels. These tend to be able to zip in and out of traffic easily.

More traditional taxis are also available for those looking for them.

Public Transport
Songtaews – a type of green truck - are what make up the public transport. They are inexpensive and leave around every 15 minutes.

Leisurely Transport
If you are quite relaxed about getting around, you can hire a rickshaw or trishaw. These are a fun way of getting around.

What are You Going to Pay
You need to make sure to negotiate price with the driver before climbing in. Just be friendly and make sure that you pay a fair price.

As a guideline:
A motorbike taxi ride generally starts at 30 baht for less than a km and is generally over 60 baht for distances over 5km. A Tuk Tuk is more pricey and starts at 100 baht for a short trip. Trips over 5 km will set you back over 250 baht. A songtaew is the most reasonable option and generally 10 baht, irrespective of distance.

A taxi ride starts at 150 baht and a rickshaw ride starts at 40 baht. Rickshaws are not going to travel long distances.

Keep in mind that prices can change but if they are hugely different, try to negotiate. If the driver is being unreasonable, move on.